This work speaks to the anniversary of the partition of the island of Ireland.  
Political borders expressed as lines on thin maps, often separate, block and disrupts connections between peoples, spaces and landscapes.  Their impact reverberating far beyond the their physical sites.
This work explores the language of borders through the natural landscape where images of the natural world present as uncomplicated scenes yet on examination emerges as obstructive, blocking what lies beyond: the long view - possibilities. 
Disconnection and rupture are countered by connection inviting the viewer to look below and above and to the insistence of nature.  The persistence of bedrock assembled over time refusing to adhere to the political, mocking the border line as the continuity of sky refuses the possibility of boundary.  Time echoes through the work with its perpetual rhythms irrespective of political machinations, speaking to the longness of time and the shortness of time and the possibilities within both of those spheres.
These images present ordinary places traversed pilgrim-like over time where human connections challenge the notion of boundary.  The work maps human connections of love and longing – emotional mapping crossing the threshold of political boundaries that “… extends itself by going deeper, to become, indeed, deep mapping, and, in that sense, map-making becomes world-making”.  A process of living interwoven  with “… rich multi-sensual narratives.” Fragments of tenderness.

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