Musicians have always impressed me with their musical ability but moreso their commitment to practice, to return over and over again to a piece of music until it is perfected.  In truth, I envy them and their patience.  In 2013, I moved to a terraced house in South Belfast.  Walking home on warm summer evenings I noticed once I turned the corner onto my street notes drifting out of open windows.  The instruments varied, cello, piano, drums, violin,  common to each musician was their perseverance to perfect their musicianship. As a way of introducing myself on the street I called to the “music houses” and invited the musicians to pose for a series of portraits in homage to them and their practice.  Several asked if they needed to bring their instruments and were surprised when I said no.  I wanted to make a series of portraits that was a celebration of them, their commitment and the joy they share through their open widows and beyond.
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